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Support Boston’s Students: 4 School Committee Openings
Want to play a key role in decisions that can benefit thousands of students in Boston Public Schools?
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What is the Question Anyway?
The November 2nd municipal election will determine not only who will be Mayor of Boston, but also the budgetary powers of the Mayor. Ballot Question 1 Changes the Budget Powers of Boston’s Mayor.
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The Boston School Committee Needs You!
Two open seats on the Boston School Committee. Applications due by July 8, 2021
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Be careful what you wish for, Boston!
City Council Order jeopardizes Boston's fiscal stability. This would not improve the participation of the public – it would bring uncertainty, chaos and a level of bargaining and negotiating with special interest groups that Boston has not seen since its early days.
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Boston's FY22 Budget & Recovery
Boston's FY22 recommended budget of $3.75B is now officially before the Boston City Council for review. Learn more about this budget here.
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Research Bureau In the News

Boston’s next leader will have a once-in-a-generation opportunity. A lot of federal help is headed her way.
By Yvonne Abraham | The Boston Globe | October 27, 2021

Dot woman wins Shattuck Award for work on school transportation; Nine others also honored
By Katie Pedersen | The Dorchester Reporter | October 27, 2021

Vote no on : The proposed change in Boston’s budgeting process would pitch the city backward, not forward.
By Pam Kocher | Opinion | The Boston Globe | October 28, 2021

SPOTLIGHT AT 50: Police eager to boost their pay joined this program in droves. But there was a problem
By Stephen A. Kurkjian (editor), Daniel Golden, and M.E. Malone | The Boston Globe | September 22, 2021

Boston’s Multifamily Market Reaches Record Heights Amid Investment Boom
By Andrew Martinez | BisNow | July 22, 2021




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