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Hub voters give Marty Walsh the OK to decide yearly budget
Boston Herald Editorial | July 8, 2020

When it comes to BPD overtime cuts, councilors want detailed plan
By Danny McDonald | The Boston Globe | July 6, 2020

Councilor Lydia Edwards advocates charter change to give Boston City Council more budgetary power
By Danny McDonald | The Boston Globe | July 6, 2020

Power Play: Boston City Council would get more control over budget under proposal
By Rick Sobey | Boston Herald | July 6, 2020

6 Ideas Cities Can Use to Boost Their Economies
By Matthew Robare | E21 Manhattan Institute | June 26, 2020

Boston City Council budget vote remains uncertain before Wednesday’s meeting
By Sean Philip Cotter | Boston Herald | June 23, 2020

‘We were able to set a national tone,’ Mayor Walsh says of Boston’s response to the coronavirus
By Danny McDonald | The Boston Globe | June 16, 2020

Boston George Floyd protests wiping out coronavirus police overtime budget savings, Walsh says
By Sean Philip Cotter | Boston Herald | June 16,2020

Walsh: ‘We’re Going To Be Making Cuts’
WBUR News | June 15, 2020

‘Sober look’ at public payrolls urged as coronavirus bailouts tax system
By Joe Dwinell | Boston Herald | May 7, 2020

Coronavirus crisis could be ‘more like the Great Depression than the Great Recession’ according to Boston watchdog
By Sean Philip Cotter | Boston Herald | May 1, 2020


Many thanks to the Boston community as all do their best to respond to such unprecedented, rapid change and deep disruption in this public health and economic crisis. To help our valued members and the Boston community in general, please see below announcements from Mayor Walsh and other resources. We will provide updates here as new information becomes available.

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