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Boston’s Small Businesses Withstood the MBTA Shutdowns
Orange & Green Line shutdown shows the resiliency of small businesses.
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New BPS/BTU Contract Driven by State Mandates
Boston's new Teachers' Contract costs $141.7M over three years. Learn more about the impact on education in Boston.
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Boston’s Capital Plan
Boston's current long-term capital investment program totals $3.6B & supports 407 projects to update and improve City infrastructure.
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Community Preservation Act Hits 5-year Mark in Boston
Impact of CPA in Boston: 5 years of housing, open space and recreation, and historic preservation.
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New Budgetary Process Comes with Challenges & Opportunities
First-year results of Boston's new budget process
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Research Bureau In the News

Last year was the slowest for new housing approvals in Boston since 2015. Some warn 2023 will be slower.
By Catherine Carlock | The Boston Globe | January 9, 2023

Boston Research Bureau Says Inflation Could Pressure $3.6B Capital Plan
By Steve Adams | Banker & Tradesman | December 22, 2022

Wu seeks to wrangle more affordable housing from Boston developers
By Saraya Wintersmith | GBH | December 15, 2022

Boston City Council signals impatience with Wu on housing
By Saraya Wintersmith | GBH | December 12, 2022

Council’s cooler heads should halt unwarranted pay grab
Wu was right to veto a raise that would set a high bar for future collective bargaining agreements.
The Editorial Board | The Boston Globe | October 19, 2022

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