$22M Fall CPA Funding Round

CPA project maximum is $1M, eligibility form due soon

The Community Preservation Committee (CPC) has announced the application schedule for its Fall Funding Round for eligible projects.  Those interested in securing CPA funds for affordable housing, historic preservation and open space projects can submit the CPA application on the CPC’s website.  Due dates to be met for the entire process are listed in the chart below. The maximum CPA funds available for a single project in the Fall Round is $1M.  This round will place a greater emphasis on affordable housing proposals, but funds will be available for projects in all three CPA areas.

Fall Funding Round Timeline
Due Date Action
August 24, 2018 Housing – required eligibility form
September 7, 2018 Open Space & Hist. Pres. – required eligibility form
September 28, 2018 Fall CPA applications due

Step 1: Eligibility Form
The CPC’s Eligibility & Information Form requests project information to determine if proposed projects are eligible for CPA funds and meet the criteria established in the CPA law.  The form requests general information about the project and more detailed information for each of the three CPA categories.  Those filling out the form only need to complete the questions for the category for which they are applying.

$22M Available in FY19
Authorized funding for CPC expenses and CPA projects in FY19 totals $22M.  Revenue to support these expenses will come from the $19.7M estimated to be received from the 1% CPA surcharge on property taxes and $2.3M estimated from state matching funds.  The unaudited surcharge in FY18 was $20.5M.  State matching funds will not be available until November.  The FY19 state match, based on FY18 CPA actual local receipts, will be 11.5% according to the current estimate from the state Department of Revenue.

The Walsh Administration has recommended that larger CPA projects be considered in the Fall Round so related operational costs can be considered in the City’s operating budget for the next year.  Whether the CPC will have a second funding round in FY19 is not certain yet.

FY18 Pilot Round
The first Pilot Round in FY18 was limited to project requests totaling no more than $500,000 and were “shovel-ready.” The CPC recommended full or partial funding for 35 projects in 19 neighborhoods totaling $8.0M.  The Mayor and City Council separately reviewed and approved the projects as recommended by the CPC.  The goal of the CPC in this Pilot Round was to support projects that would have a visible impact in the neighborhoods to demonstrate how CPA funds could address city and community interests.

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