“A powerful force for constructive change in city government.”
The Boston Globe

OVERVIEW:  The only local organization of its kind, the Boston Municipal Research Bureau promotes a healthy business and residential climate by advocating for stability and predictability in the basics of city government—tax policies, service delivery and public education.  Founded in 1932, the Research Bureau is known for expert research, independent analysis and trusted results.

OUR WORK:  The Research Bureau plays three unique roles in Boston.

  • Monitor: On a daily basis, staff monitor a wide range of financial activity at City Hall, including city and school budgets, hiring practices, and tax policies.
  • Change agent: When key issues, such as classification, collective bargaining, and school reform arise, city leaders look to the Research Bureau for an unbiased, independent perspective that moves beyond political rhetoric and advocates sound recommendations for constructive change. 
  • Inform: Business, community and media leaders turn to the Research Bureau both to understand city policies and to learn how they impact on businesses and residents.

OUR AGENDA: In addition to its daily attention to Boston’s fiscal policies and service delivery, in 2019 the Research Bureau focused on affordable housing, achievement in schools and tax-exempt property in Boston.

OUR AUDIENCE: Business executives look to the Research Bureau for in-depth analysis of complex city problems.  Government leaders use our work to strengthen existing policies and introduce new ones.  The media calls on us for an “objective opinion” on fiscal and service delivery issues.

OUR MEMBERS:  Leaders representing every major industry belong to the Research Bureau.   They see our work as key to protecting their business investment in the city and having an organization that works for the greater good of the community. Other benefits include access to Boston’s key decision-makers; visibility through sponsorship opportunities of high-profile events; and staff and publication resources designed to help explain the rationale and impact of City Hall decisions.