Average single-family tax bill is one of the lowest in the area

Boston homeowners enjoy a very favorable property tax situation due primarily to the City’s 35% residential exemption and its shifting of the property tax burden to business property through its maximum application of classification. In fiscal 2018, Boston businesses paid 61.4% of Boston’s property tax bill. The business tax base and new development provide other important benefits to the Boston neighborhoods. These issues will be explained covering the five years from fiscal 2013 to fiscal 2018. Fiscal 2019 tax data will be analyzed in a follow-up report.

Report Objectives

  • Our report provides information and insights on:
  • The property tax benefits for Boston homeowners who occupy their property
  • Tax benefits from the use of classification and the 35% residential exemption
  • Trends in single-family homeowner’s tax bill and average property values
  • The extent that business subsidize services to city neighborhoods
  • How large commercial and residential development benefits Boston residents
  • How Boston’s average single-family tax bill compares

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