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Inspector General Proposal Flawed

Earlier this week, the Research Bureau provided comments at a Working Session on a City Council proposal to create a City Office of Inspector General (IG). This working session followed a November 7th City Council hearing at which the Research Bureau testified against the proposed ordinance.

BPS Budget News

Boston school budget gap filled, for now, but hard decisions remain

By Michael Levenson | The Boston Globe | March 24, 2016

. . .”A more than 20 percent rise in school spending over the past five years — from $815 million to more than $1 billion — has been driven largely by growing salaries and benefits, which constitute 71 percent of the increases, according to the Boston Municipal Research Bureau.”
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Editorial: BPS Budget Realities

By Boston Herald Staff |March 25, 2016

. . . “Nearly a year ago the Boston Municipal Research Bureau put out an analysis of why this relatively small system had grown so expensive and year after year is in fiscal hot water.”

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