Community Preservation Act Hits 5-year Mark in Boston

Boston program distributes funding for community projects

Since Boston’s Community Preservation Act (CPA) program began in 2018, the City has received $119.9M in CPA revenue to support projects focused on housing, open space and recreation, and historic preservation.  A total of $118.3M in CPA funds has been distributed for projects, including support for 1,145 affordable housing units, funding for over 100 historic preservation sites, and more open and recreation spaces in most Boston neighborhoods.  What has been successful so far?  Is this program focused on equity in the distribution of funds?  What can the City do to improve the CPA program?

 This Special Report Provides Information and Insights on:

  • CPA funding distribution across the city: a 5-year analysis
  • How the CPA program addresses equity
  • Areas for CPA program improvement

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