COVID-19: Boston’s Response

Many thanks to the Boston community as all do their best to respond to such unprecedented, rapid change and deep disruption in this public health and economic crisis. To help our valued members and the Boston community in general, please see below announcements from Mayor Walsh and other resources. We will provides updates here as new information becomes available.

April 7, 2020

General Information and Resources

  • The City of Boston has developed a web-based dashboard visualizing data on the spread of COVID-19 and number of cases. The state has also developed a dashboard tracking COVID-19’s spread, including a county by county map of reported cases in the Commonwealth.
  • On March 16th the City of Boston established a Resiliency Fund to channel resources from fundraising and philanthropic contributions to provide support for essential city services. Set up as part of the Boston Charitable Trust, the Fund will provide resources to nonprofit groups to provide food to children and older adults, equip BPS students with tools for learning outside the classroom and help health care workers and other critical personnel. As of Wednesday March 25, the Fund has surpassed $20M in donations.
  • For comprehensive information on COVID-19 and its impact on Boston, the City provides its own helpful list of resources
  • The Boston Public Health commission likewise offers helpful general information on the City’s efforts to combat spread of COVID-19 and provide support to residents.

Click the links below for information on specific areas.

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