Election 2023: Boston City Council

Four Districts Contested in September

This is an election year for all thirteen Boston City Council seats, with four districts facing competition in the preliminary election on September 12th. The top two candidates from each district race will compete in the general election in November. It is the first election to use the newly drawn district map, which impacts all districts except District 9. As the City’s legislative body, the City Council has significant power over shaping Boston’s budget and policy priorities. Councilors serve two-year terms, make an annual salary of $115,000, and each receives a staff budget of $341,500/year with the Council President receiving $400,000/year.

Council seats in Districts 3, 5, 6, and 7 will be contested in the preliminary election. District 3 is the only preliminary race with no incumbent. Nine Council seats are excused from the preliminary election because three district seats are unopposed, two have only two candidates, and the race for the four at-large seats has eight candidates, which is one fewer than the minimum to require a preliminary election. Eleven incumbent Councilors are running for reelection, and eight of them face competitors.

Voter turnout for the city’s municipal elections has been generally low, especially in a non-mayoral election year. In 2019, 16.5% of registered voters (66,983) cast a ballot in the general election. In 2021, a mayoral election year without an incumbent, still only 32.7% of registered voters (144,380) participated. It is important to vote on September 12th and November 7th.

Meet the Candidates for the September 12th
Preliminary Election

District 3
Barry Lawton
John FitzGerald
Rosalind Wornum
Jennifer Johnson
Ann Walsh
Matthew Patton
Joel Richards

District 5
Enrique Pepén
José Ruiz
Ricardo Arroyo (i)
Jean-Claude Sanon

District 6
Kendra Lara (i)
Benjamin Weber
William King

District 7
Althea Garrison
Tania Fernandes Anderson (i)
Roy Owens Sr.
Jerome King
Padma Scott

(i) Incumbent

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