Mayor Wu: FY23 Proposed Budget responds to “A moment of urgency and possibility”

Boston’s FY23 Recommended Budget was released by the Wu Administration and is now in front of the City Council for review.  The budget not only illustrates the priorities of the Administration, but also marks the first time that the City Council can exercise its newfound powers to amend the budget.

How will this change impact Boston’s budget?  How does Boston propose to support the spending plan?  What are the Administration’s priorities for the new fiscal year?  How is $3.99B distributed to meet the needs of Boston in this moment Mayor Wu identifies as one of urgency and possibility?

This Special Report provides information and insights on:

  • Fuelling Boston’s spending: The property tax
  • Where the money goes: Boston’s $3.99B operating budget examined
  • Spending priorities of education, housing, and public health

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