Major Reports

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April, 2014BOSTON: A City in Transition - Managing Change and Retaining Financial Stability in Boston177City Finances, Development & Operations
January, 2011The Real Cost of the Contract: An analysis of the salaries and benefits of BPS teachersTeacher salary
May, 2010The Utility of Trouble: Providing Pensions in Difficult TimesPensions
January, 2009Boston Bound
Home Field Disadvantage: Boston and Massachusetts Hamstrung by Limited Home Rule
Home Rule, City Finances
August, 2007Municipal Health Reform: Seizing the Moment8Health Insurance
November, 2006Soaring Health Insurance Costs Threaten Boston's Competitive EdgeHealth Insurance
October, 2005Mounting Personnel Costs Threaten Boston’s Competitive Edge, Outdated Laws And Practices Restrict Local Response In Challenging Fiscal Times26Finance
November, 2004Competitive Service Delivery - A Proven Strategy That Should Be Boston's Next Initiative12Competitive Bidding
May, 2002A Budget Correction: Boston's Financial Picture, FY1997-2004
October, 1998Boston’s Linkage Program: A New Approach To Managing Linkage Funds for Housing And Job Training24Linkage
October, 1997Financing of the Boston Convention And Exhibition Center29Convention Center
June, 1996The Future of Boston City Hospital: Analysis of Proposal to Merge BCH and University Hospital53Hospital
September, 1993Securing Boston’s Financial Health: A Blue Print for Boston’s Future89City Finance