Special Reports

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4/25/202323-1 $559M Infusion for Boston’s Recovery Finance/ARPA
12/21/202222-4 Boston’s Capital Plan: Continuing to Move Boston Forward Capital/Finance
11/29/202222-3Community Preservation Act Hits 5-year Mark Boston program distributes funding for community projects CPA/Finance
11/14/202222-2New Budgetary Process Comes with Challenges & Opportunities - Lessons Learned from the FY23 Budget Process Finance/Budget
6/2/202222-1Mayor Wu: FY23 Proposed Budget responds to: A moment of urgency and possibility Finance/Budget
10/16/202020-3Boston’s FY21 Budget Plan: Conservative approach beneficial to maintaining service deliveryFinance/Budget
20-2FY21 Recommended Budget Overview, An Early Assessment of COVID-19 Impact on Boston’s FinancesFinance/Budget
2/25/202020-1Residential & Business Property Value Dynamics, Part 2: Boston’s Boom Spikes Property Values FY13-FY19Property Values/Assessing
12/16/201919-4Boston’s Boom Spikes Property Values: Part I Overview of Property Value Trends FY13-FY19 Property Values/Assessing
4/30/201919-3Budget Watch 2020: Analysis of Boston’s FY20 proposed budget. Finance/Budget
3/6/201919-2Boston Homeowner Tax Benefit: Average single-family tax bill is one of the lowest in the area Assessing/Real Estate/Property Tax
3/4/201919-1Boston’s PILOT Program at Year 7 Tax Exempt
10/15/201818-3Employee Levels and Cost in Mayor’s First Term Personnel/Employees
6/27/201818-2 Boston’s FY19 Budget Grows 4.4% Finances/Budget
Housing Created from Sale of City-Owned Parcels
Housing/Parcel Disposition Initiative
9/12/201717-1 Boston’s FY18 Budget Increases by 5.0% Finances/Budget
What If Boston Adopts the CPA?
Next Teachers’ Contract Must Be About Reform
Collective Bargaining
City of Boston Adopts Balanced FY17 Budget
City Employee Levels Decreased in 2015

5/3/201616-3 Boston’s Taxable Value Grows to $128 BillionProperty Values
4/3/201616-2The True Cost of Boston’s Charter SchoolsCharter Schools
3/3/201616-1 Boston Public Schools Human Capital InitiativeSchools
5/20/201515-3 Boston’s Taxable Value Surpasses $100 Billion Property Values
5/7/201515-2Inside the Boston Public Schools’ BudgetBPS Finances
3/12/201515-1 Boston Employee Levels Increase for Third YearPersonnel
12/31/201414-3Revisiting Boston’s Pension SystemPension
12/02/201414-2Boston Employee Levels Increase for Second YearEmployee Levels
07/14/201414-1State Senate Should Approve the Education Reform BillSchools
09/18/201313-5Charter Seat Growth Should Drive BPS ReformBPS Charter Schools EDUCATION
09/10/201313-4The Importance of Economic Development in BostonHeavy Reliance on the Property Tax make development a high priority
05/09/201313-3Boston Employee Levels Increase in 2012Personnel
04/02/201313-2Bostons Tax Values Reach Highest Level in Four YearsAssessed values & tax rate
01/04/201313-1Boston's New PILOT Program Completes First YearTax Exempt
11/05/201212-7Boston Teachers Contract Settled for 2010-2016School Contract
09/11/201212-6BPS-BTU Contract Reform: Compensation IncentivesSchool Collective Bargaining
06/28/201212-5High Stakes for Final Teachers ContractBPS-BTU Collective Bargaining 2012
05/22/201212-4Bostons Taxable Values Increase in FY12Assessed value in Boston
04/10/201212-3Boston Personnel Levels Remain Flat in 2011Employee levels
03/20/201212-2BPS-BTU Contract: Teacher Transfer & ReassignmentsSchool: Teacher Assignment
01/02/201212-1BPS and BTU Far Apart on Salary PlansCollective Bargaining - BTU Contract Negotitations
09/15/201111-3Charter Schools Set to Expand in BostonSchools
06/13/201111-2Bostons Base Values Decline in FY11Property Tax/Assessed Values
03/21/201111-1Employee Drop Enables Boston to Meet Tight BudgetsEmployee Levels
10/28/201010-2Question 3 Threatens City ServicesFinances
06/01/201010-1Fire Arbitration Award Should Not Be ApprovedFire Contract
08/06/200909-3Boston Approves Balanced FY10 Budget: City may face more difficult financial challenges in FY11Finances
06/03/200909-2Change for Mayors $2.4Billion FY10 BudgetFinances
10/20/200909-1Personnel Level Unsustainable Amid Fiscal StressPersonnel
10/27/200808-3Question 1 Threatens Basic City ServicesFinance
07/22/200808-2Rising Personnel Costs are Cause for ConcernEmployees
01/16/200808-1Time for Drug Testing for FirefightersFire
10/02/200707-4Boston’s Property Taxes In Limbo: Legislature should restore classification law to pre-2004 statusAssessing
07/10/200707-3Bostons Classification At Crossroads: The Business Tax Ceiling Should be Reduced to 175% in FY08Assessments
06/25/200707-2Bostons Employee Earnings in 2006: Higher Earnings Put More Focus on the Affordability of Generous BenefitsSalaries
04/26/200707-1Caution Ahead - Bostons Rising Personnel CostsPersonnel
07/26/200606-3Boston’s FY07 Budget Is Set, Concerns LoomCity Finance
05/22/200606-2Bostons Property Values Trend Closer: Further Tax Shift To Residential Property Still LikelyAssessments
03/15/200606-1Bostons Personnel Spending Surges Despite Employee CutsPersonnel
07/13/200505-2Bostons $2 Billion Budget: Employee Driven Spending Causes Tight OperationsCity Finance
02/15/200505-1Bostons Tax Levy Shift ContinuesAssessments
07/07/200404-4Bostons Fiscal 2005 Budget - Limited Growth Goes To Contracts, BenefitsCity Finance
05/11/200404-3Bostons Workforce At Lowest Level In Seven YearsEmployees
04/29/200404-2Funding Bostons Collective Bargaining ContractsCollective Bargaining
01/08/200404-1Bostons Shifting Tax Burden in Fiscal 2004: The potential Impact to Homeowners & BusinessesClassification
12/01/200303-8Bostons Shrinking WorkforceEmployees
08/06/200303-7Restorations Stabilize Bostons FY04 BudgetCity Finances
05/27/200303-6New Quinn Bill Reform Depends On SenatePolice
05/19/200303-5Bostons FY04 Recommended Budget: Basic Services Provided, State Aid May GrowCity Finances
04/30/200303-4Fiscal 2004 School Budget Scaled Back: Core Academics Will Be MaintainedSchool Finance
04/28/200303-3Time To Replace The Quinn Bill Police
04/03/200303-2Boston Halts Workforce GrowthEmployees
01/31/200303-1Setting Boston's Fiscal 2003 Tax Rates Creates Levy ShiftCity Finances
07/10/200202-3Boston’s FY 2003 Budget: Tighter But Still Full ServiceCity Finance
06/18/200202-2Boston in FY2003: Setting Priorities & Managing BetterCity Finances
02/01/200202-1Implementing The Boston Teachers’ Contract: Process Is Generally Successful But Key Opportunities MissedUnion Contract
12/17/200101-5Do You Know The Facts About Boston?Facts
11/14/200101-4First Steps Taken For Fire Department Reform.: A Costly Framework is Set—Management Must Now Respond.Fire
10/31/200101-3CPA: Well Meaning But Not Good Public PolicyHousing
10/25/200101-2Community Preservation Act in Boston: Imperfect Act Comes At Difficult TimeHousing
05/15/200101-1Improving The Boston Fire Department: A Three Step Approach to Bring About Needed ChangeFire
10/31/200000-3Managing The Teachers’ Contract: City Pays to Improve Hiring Flexibility, Implementation Now KeyUnion Contract
10/06/200000-2Hiring Flexibility Needed in BTU Contract: Internal Hiring Process Too Rigid, Remains Key Obstacle in School ReformUnion Contract
05/17/200000-1Boston FY 2001 Budget: Challenges of Managing in a Time Of Higher Expectations.City Finance
06/02/199999-1Boston’s FY 2000 Budget:  Grows Despite State Aid ShiftCity Finance
06/02/199999-2FY 2000 School Department Budget Financial Uncertainly Looms—BPS to Implement New Transition ProgramsSchool Finance
11/05/199898-4Boston’s Linkage Program:  A New Approach To Managing Linkage Funds For Housing and Job TrainingLinkage
04/08/199898-3Raising The Bar For Education In Boston Stakes Are High for Students, Teachers and TaxpayersSchools
03/09/199898-2The Funding Of A Convention Center Financing is Feasible for BostonConvention Center
01/07/199898-1Don’t Handcuff Boston’s Police CommissionerPolice
10/20/199797-4The Boston Convention and Exhibition Center: Financing Is Sufficiently Secure; City is More at RiskConvention Center
06/09/1997No.97-3FACT SHEET FY 1998 School Budget At A GlanceSchools
06/09/199797-3The FY 1998 School Department Budget ~ Time for Multi-Year Investment To Show ResultsSchool Finances
03/25/199797-2The Ups and Downs of Boston’s WorkforceEmployees
01/23/199797-1Comparing Boston’s School Committee StructureSchools
07/30/199696-4Boston Medical Center/The Right Choice But The Real Work Is Just BeginningHospital
06/13/199696-3FY 1997 BPS Budget: What does $468.9 million buy?School Finance
05/23/199696-2Boston FY 1997 Budget: Poised for Change?City Finance
02/26/199696-1City Post Large Increase In WorkforceEmployees
11/13/199595-5Boston School Budget: Fiscal Challenges This Year, Budget Changes Next YearSchool Finance
07/21/199595-4The City of Boston’s FY 1996 BudgetCity Finance
06/29/199595-3The New Boston Public Health Network Should be ApprovedHospital
03/22/199595-2Test Your Knowledge of BostonFacts
03/14/199595-1City of Boston’s Workforce Increases by 297 in 1994Employees
12/19/199494-8Salary Raise Ordinances Should be AmendedSalaries
11/29/199494-7New Schools in Boston: Charter and Pilot OptionsSchools
10/31/199494-6Research Bureau Opposes Question Question 1: Regulating Spending On Ballot Question CampaignsElection
08/17/199494-5The Politics and Process of Pay Raises for City Council and MayorSalaries
07/22/199494-4The City of Bostons FY 1995 Budget The Menino Administration Puts Its Imprint On City GovernmentCity Finance
03/25/199494-3City Budget Is Balanced, Structural Gap RemainsCity Finance
02/28/199494-2City of Bostons Workforce Continues To DeclineEmployees
02/09/199494-1The Impact of Boston City Hospital In Securing Bostons Financial Health - Conclusions From A Financial AssessmentHospital
10/27/199393-1Change, Yes -- Fundamental Change, No ~ 1993 Mayoral Candidates Response to Bostons Financial SituationElection
12/14/199292-4Boston Ends FY 1992 With A SurplusCity Finance
06/04/199292-3Bostons FY 1993 Budget, Where The Money Comes From, Where The Money GoesCity Finance
05/20/199292-2Boston Facts & Figures TestFacts
02/19/199292-1Bostons Work Force Declines in Each Of The Last Three YearsEmployees
11/06/199191-5City Slow Off The Block In Reducing Work ForceEmployees
08/01/199191-4Recent Local Aid Cuts Put Bostons Budget Out of BalanceCity Finance
07/25/199191-3Boston Personnel Update - A Look After Six Months of 1991Employees
04/04/199191-2Bostons Budget Problem In FY 1992City Finance
03/21/199191-1Bostons Work Force Declines For Second Consecutive YearEmployees
10/31/199090-5The Impact of Question 3 on the City of BostonTaxes
09/06/199090-4Bureau Reaffirms Support for Appointed School CommitteeSchools
07/02/199090-3The Boston Facts & Figures TestFacts
05/04/199090-2Bostons Work Force Decreased in 1989: More Cuts To Come in 1990Employees
02/17/199090-1Collective Bargaining Forces Difficult Choices for BostonUnion Contract - City Finance
07/26/198989-4Bureau Supports Appointed School CommitteeSchools
05/09/198989-3Bostons Work force levels Off After Two Years of Rapid GrowthEmployees
04/06/198989-2The City of Boston and The Proposition 2 1/2 Limit(s)Proposition 2 1/2
03/15/198989-1Boston Faces Tough Budget Challenge in 1990City Finance
12/16/198888-6Management of Bostons OvertimeCity Finance
10/18/198888-5Bo$ton By The NumbersFacts
06/02/198888-4Time to Revise School Budget and Funding StrategySchool Finance
03/14/198888-3City Must exercise Caution in Adding New Employees to PayrollEmployees
02/08/198888-2The School Department Budget: A Moving TargetSchool Finance
01/05/198888-1Managing Attendance Should Continue to be a High PriorityEmployees
10/21/198787-4Boston Moves to Improve School Governance and AccountabilitySchools
09/17/198787-3City Increased Work Force in FY 1987Employees
06/24/198787-2The Facts and Figures of Bostons GovernmentFacts
05/08/198787-1FY 1988 School BudgetSchool Finance
12/19/198686-5The Spiraling School BudgetSchool Finance
07/17/198686-4Boston Salary Structure Needs Periodic ReviewSalaries
06/12/198686-3Boston School Departments FY 1987 Preliminary BudgetSchool Finance
03/13/198686-1Boston Personnel Changes In 1985Employees
10/02/198585-3Boston Facts & FiguresFacts
05/28/198585-2Scope Of Bostons Fiscal Problem (Part II)City Finance
04/23/198585-1Scope Of Bostons Fiscal Problem (Part I)City Finance
12/14/198484-10Bostons Personnel Reduction ProgramEmployees
09/25/198484-9Four Stage Plan Needed To Address Long-Range Revenue ImbalancesCity Finance
08/02/198484-8Bostons First Billion Dollar Budget Faces Large ShortfallCity Finance
07/30/198484-7Reexamining the Role, Compensation & Staffing of the Boston School CommitteeSchool
07/26/198484-6Flynn Administration Personnel Reductions After 6 MonthsEmployees
05/17/198484-5The Boston School Budget for FY 1985: Debate Between Strengthening Programs & The Citys Ability to PaySchool Finance
04/26/198484-4The Flynn Administration and First Quarter Personnel Changes: A Good First Step Better Reporting NeededEmployees
03/22/198484-3City Council Needs Strong Central StaffCity Council
02/17/198484-2Spending-Down Nonessential Reserves - An UpdateCity Finance
01/12/198484-1A Deficit in the MakingCity Finance
09/16/198383-6Personnel Reductions Needed to Address ShortfallsEmployees
08/30/198383-5A Fiscal Affairs Agenda For the Next MayorElection
07/27/198383-4Boston Faces Estimated Shortfall This YearCity Finance
04/29/198383-3Questions For The Candidates For Mayor, 1983Election
03/29/198383-2The Boston City Budget At the Three Quarter MarkCity Finance
03/11/198383-1Changes In Bostons Personnel LevelsEmployees
11/17/198282-9Getting Bostons Solid Waste Out of the DumpsPublic Works
10/26/198282-8Down the Homestretch on Revaluation & ClassificationAssessments
09/02/198282-7Not Out of the Woods Yet - Financial Problems Coming in FY 1984 Require Budgets Cuts NowCity Finance
07/16/198282-6The Mayors FY 1983 Budget RecommendationsCity Finance
05/14/198282-5The State of the Boston Public Schools Part 4 -- School StaffingSchool Employees
02/26/198282-3Bostons Personnel Reduction Program: Good Efforts After One Year Should Be MaintainedEmployees
02/10/198282-2The State of Boston Public Schools A Pessimistic Diagnosis by the Numbers Part III -- School FacilitiesSchools
01/12/198282-11982 Tax Rate: $230.90 -- The Other Side of Proposition 2 1/2 -- A Cut of $4.80Taxes
10/12/198181-12Boston Faces $30 Million Appropriation DeficitCity Finance
09/17/198181-11The State of the Boston Public Schools Park II -- Pupil EnrollmentsSchools
09/16/198181-10Bostons 1981 Personnel Reduction Program A Second Look after Six MonthsEmployees
09/01/198181-9The State of the Boston Public Schools Part I – FinancesSchools
08/10/198181-8Recycling Surplus SchoolsSchools
07/28/198181-7What Can Be Done To Control School SendingSchools
07/17/198181-6Boston Ends FY1981 With Strong Cash PositionCity Finance
06/16/198181-5Bostons 1981 Personnel Reduction ProgramEmployees
05/21/198181-4Bostons School System In Crisis: How Should It Be RestructuredSchools
04/10/198181-3Time For Boston To Call In Its Markers From The StateCity Finance
02/16/198181-2School Absenteeism - Its Not just for Kids AnymoreSchool Employees
01/28/198181-1Can Boston Service the First-Year Impact of Proposition 2 1/2?City Finance/ Proposition 2 1/2
12/30/19801011981 Tax Rate: $272.70 But On The Way DownTaxes
12/16/1980100Time To Pay The PiperCity Finance
11/25/198099Stronger Financial Control System Needed For BostonSchool Finance
10/27/198098Proposition 2 1/2: Impact on BostonProposition 2 1/2
10/07/198097City of Boston Employees -- How Many Are There?Employees
09/03/198096Mayor and School Committee Must Compromise On School BudgetSchool Finance
05/12/198095State Rental of County Court Facilities: A Case of Injustice to Cities and TownsCity Finance
05/01/198094Condominium Conversion in Boston: A Significant Tax Benefit to the CityTaxes
12/28/197993Boston School Department Central Reorganization II: More People, Increased Costs During 17 Month ProcessSchool Finance
12/05/197992Personnel, Spending Must be Cut To Avoid Another City Budget DeficitEmployees
10/25/1979911980 Tax Rate: $252.90 For The Last TimeTaxes
10/04/197990Boston Does It Again: Budget Overspent by $18.3 Million in FY 1979City Finance
08/09/197989Boston School Department Central Reorganization: Promised Savings Not Yet Met; Personnel and Costs IncreasedSchool Finance
07/25/197988Questions for the CandidatesElection
06/22/197987House and Senate Budgets: A $9 Tax Rate for BostonTaxes
05/08/197986Boston Water and Sewer Commission Underrated: Inherited Financial and Operational Problems Being AddressedWater & Sewer
04/27/197985Balance Sheet on the Citys Audit: No Change In The Bottom Line for TaxpayersCity Finance
03/20/197984If It Takes Forever, The Court Wont Wait For You: Boston School Committee Again Postpones School ClosingsSchools
02/22/197983Nobody Does It Like You, Boston: Problems with the Budget Appropriation and Expenditure Control SystemCity Finance
11/28/197882Bostons Sick Leave Program: The $16.3 Million Patient is in Serious Condition and Requires Constant SupervisionEmployees
10/17/1978811979 Tax Rate Stays at $252.90 for Third YearTaxes
09/12/197880Bostons State Legislators: The Record for 1977-1978Election
09/01/197878Its August First: Do You Know What Your Budget Is?City Finance
08/28/197879City Can Cut Tax Rate in FY 1979 by $4-5, Bureau StatesTaxes
07/14/197877Tax-Exempt Property a Boston Burden: State and Private Payments in Lieu of Taxes NeededTax Exempt Property
05/12/197876Boston School Superintendent May Get Real Management Power: School Reorganization Plan Passes Committee, City CouncilSchools
04/27/197875Boston Taken for a Ride: Growing MBTA deficit Allocated UnfairlyCity Finance
03/21/197874Ignoring the Problem of Excess Schools: The Inadequacy of the Unified Facilities PlanSchools
03/07/197873City Payroll Trimmed by 1,118 in 1977 -- With a Little HelpEmployees
01/23/197872City Council Vote: Will the Charles Street Jail Issue Finally be Resolved?County Corrections
11/14/197771Facing Up to the Problem of Excess Schools: Why Nineteen Boston Elementary Schools Should be Closed NowSchools
11/07/197770Bureau Supports Strengthened Finance CommissionCity Finance
09/30/1977691978 Tax Rate Stays at $252.90--Heres WhyTaxes
09/12/197768City's Spending Reduction Program Falls Short of GoalCity Finance
08/15/197767Watch-Dog Days ReportCity Finance
06/29/197766City Fiscal Year Ends with Good News, Bad NewsCity Finance
05/19/197765Water and Sewer Services: A Financial Drain On BostonWater & Sewer
05/04/197764Theres No Such Thing As A Free Lunch: The Bostons School Lunch ProgramSchools
03/03/197763Compulsory and Binding Arbitration: A Costly ExperimentUnion Contract