Statements & Testimony

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61 Opportunities and Considerations as Boston looks to implement Participatory Budgeting for Residents January 20, 2023Participatory Budgeting
60 Considerations for proposed School Committee GovernanceDecember 7, 2021School Committee
59 Be careful what you wish for, Boston! Boston’s Financial Stability at Risk with Council OrderJune 3, 2021Charter Change/Budget Authority
58 Proposed Amendment Should Not Be Advanced Legal Grounds and Policy Impact Jeopardize Boston’s Financial StabilityJanuary 29, 2021Charter Change/Budget Authority
57 Yet another election in 2021 would not serve Boston wellJanuary 26, 2021Special Election
56 Collective Bargaining Agreements as policy toolsSeptember 8, 2020Collective Bargaining/Police
55 Research Bureau Opposes Change to Budget Responsibility of the MayorAugust 6, 2020Charter Reform/Budgetary Powers
54 The struggle with Police OTJuly 28, 2020Police Overtime
53 Research Bureau testifies Inspector General Proposal is FlawedNovember 7, 2019Inspector General
52 Research Bureau testifies Fiscal discipline essential to fully fund pension system April 24, 2019Pensions/Finance
What to watch for: City of Boston Fiscal Year 2020 Proposed Budget
April 22, 2019Finance/Budget
50 Data-Driven Analysis Needed to Inform Development Policy March 26, 2019Development/IDP
49 Research Bureau testifies Boston’s PILOT program is a successAugust 2, 2018Tax Exempt/PILOT
48 Research Bureau testifies to maintain full funding schedule for Boston’s pension systemMay 17, 2017Pensions/Finance
47 Research Bureau Supports Winthrop Sq Project With Conditions April 24, 2017Development
46 Research Bureau testifies in support of bringing MBTA Bus Maintenance in line with industryMarch 27, 2017Transportation
45 Research Bureau Testifies on FY17 BudgetApril 25, 2016Budget
43 Research Bureau Opposes Ordinance Amending Salary of City Councilors September 29, 2014
42 BMRB Testifies in Opposition to Funding the BPPA Contract December 2, 2013 Collective Bargaining
41 BMRB Testifies in opposition of hybrid School Committee for Boston February 28, 2013 School Committee
40 BMRB Testifies: City should take no policy action on spending that would increase its pension liability. April 23, 2012 Pensions/Finance
39 BMRB Testifies in Support of TIF agreement with Vertex Pharmaceuticals and the I-Cubed application for the Fan Pier Economic Development Project. May 20, 2011 Tax Policy
38 BMRB Urges Reform of the Massachusetts Pension System Through Approval of House bill 00035 April 7, 2011 Pensions
37 BMRB supports legislative change that gives more flexibility to municipalities in managing health care cost March 8, 2011 Health Insurance Reform
36 School Committee Should Approve School Closing/Merger Plan December 15, 2010 School Closings
35 BMRB Supports Business Improvement District for Downtown Boston August 2, 2010 BID
34 Research Bureau Opposes Adoption of Section 18A of Chapter 374 March 22, 2010 Retiree Health Insurance
33 Education Reform Legislation Passed January 15, 2010 Education
32 Research Bureau Urges Changes in Education Reform Bill to Strengthen Student Achievement January 11, 2010 Education Reform
31 Research Bureau Urges House to Pass Education Reform December 22, 2009 Education
30 BMRB Supports Local Option Excise Taxes With Conditions August 20, 2009 Excise Taxes
29 BMRB Supports In-District Charter Schools July 21, 2009 Schools
28 BMRB Supports Drug Testing For Public Safety Employees June 25, 2009 Personnel
27 BMRB Urges adoption of measures to assist municipalities in managing more efficiently and cost effectively December 3, 2008 Municipal Finances
26 BMRB Urges Police Commissioner discretion in determining the use of police detail, civilian flaggers or digital signs. November 14, 2008 Police Department
25 BMRB Supports Approval of Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Agreement May 28, 2008 Economic Development
24 BMRB Calls for Council to Reject Residential Dwelling Unit Ordinance July 19, 2007 Rent Control
23 BMRB Comments on 4 Bills Before the Legislature's Joint Committee on Revenue April 10, 2007 Finances
22 BMRB Supports BIll That Pormotes Quality & Affordable Municipal Health Insurance March 21, 2007 Health Insurance
21 BMRB Supports House Bill That Encourages Econmic Development July 11, 2006 Economic Development
20 BMRB Opposes Community Stablization Protection Act November 23, 2004 Rent Control
19 BMRB Calls on Council to Reject Proposal for Supplemental Tax Assessment April 7, 2004 Assessing
18 Classification FY04 December 30, 2003 Assessing
17 BMRB Calls on Council to Support a Request for the Issuance of Tax-Exempt Refunding Bonds for Boston December 17, 2003 Finance
16 BMRB Supports Appropriation of Free Cash, AKA Budgetary Fund Balance December 17, 2003 Budget
15 BMRB Calls on City Council to Reject Tax Amnesty Program for Boston December 12, 2003 Assessing
14 BMRB Supports Establishment of BID Before the Legislature September 15, 2003 Economic Development
13 Classification FY03 November 21, 2002 Assessing
12 BMRB Call on Council to Reject Right of Way Fee June 20, 2002 Telecommunications
11 BMRB Supports Compensation Advisory Board Report February 20, 2002 Salaries
10 Classification FY02 December 4, 2001 Assessing
9 BMRB Calls for Implementation of O'Toole Commission Report Recommendations July 26, 2001 Fire Department
8 BMRB Calls for Increase in Linkage Fees to be Connected to Management Improvements June 28, 2001 Linkage
7 BMRB Calls on Legislature to Reject Changes to Linkage Legislation June 6, 2001 Linkage
6 BMRB Calls for Changes to Linkage, Before the Legislature July 19, 2000 Linkage
5 BMRB Proposes Changes to Linkage Legislation May 23, 2000 Linkage
4 BMRB Offers Changes to Proposed Job & Living Wage Rules November 8, 1999 Living Wage
3 BMRB Calls on City to Adhere to Linkage Process December 3, 1998 Linkage
2 Classification FY99 November 30, 1998 Assessing
1 BMRB Supports $9M Appropriation for Technology February 3, 1998 Technology