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Who was Henry L. Shattuck?

Henry L. Shattuck
Public Service Awards

Celebrating 35 years of honoring individuals for their dedicated service to the City of Boston and the Boston community.  Each year the Shattuck Awards Committee receives many worthy nominations from department heads, peers and business leaders – highlighting candidates that go above and beyond their job descriptions.  The Committee evaluates each nomination and selects a few – the everyday heroes of public service to thank them for a job well done.

Each recipient exemplifies the integrity, initiative, leadership and commitment to the public good that Henry L. Shattuck personified as Chairman of the Research Bureau for 17 years.

Who was Henry L. Shattuck


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Help us honor extraordinary individuals for their dedicated service to the City of Boston and the Boston community.  Join us as we recognize that public service is an honorable profession that should be celebrated.  For sponsorship or more information please Contact the Research Bureau at 617-227-1900.